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New Scooter Laws Took Effect Jan.1st in Indiana

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- Moped & scooter drivers should be aware of some big changes coming at the beginning of the year in Indiana. Starting Thursday, low-speed scooter drivers will be required to buy license plates, and take a street sign test at the BMV. Mopeds will now be referred to as "Motor Driven Cycles," and separated into smaller and larger engine categories. Drivers will need to be at least 15-years-old, have a valid driver’s license, learners permit or Indiana ID with a moped endorsement. The license plates will be colored differently than plates for higher-powered mopeds and will cost $26.35 a year. The ID card costs $11.50. The BMV says the change will create an equal playing field across the state for law enforcement and drivers. It's also meant to help with vehicle identification. “Why these vehicles are now being registered is because as the popularity of these vehicles has increased they have becoming increasingly stolen, and because they're cheap people think they can leave them out, and they'll be grabbed, and they'll be sold within a couple of hours,” said Josh Gillespie, Deputy Commissioner of the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicle. “So basically that allows for law enforcement to be able to track these vehicles so much easier.” The law goes into effect on January 1, but the BMV won’t start issuing credentials until January 2. Indiana State Police will be granting a one month grace period for drivers to get properly registered. To read a guide to the new law click

Another scooter death reported in Durham, NC.

New goal for 2015!

It is my goal to update this page on a more regular basis this year, so be on the lookout for more scooter related stories, good and bad! There's a lot of scooter laws changing across the country and I'll do my best to keep up with them as I come across them. There are also more scooter accidents resulting in death than ever. Seems to be the car or trucks involved fault rather than the scooterists. So if you see something or someone driving like an idiot in a car while on your scooter, please report them to the police and maybe we can cut down on the number of scooter deaths and accidents happening. Happy New Year to you & yours! Ride safe!